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Originally Posted by molloni View Post
Whoa! When did this start? Where was I?

You know I'm in! I'm also with the NEC5 and dropping the extra C.

I've been meaning to say something in my initial thread, but I haven't be able to put the words together. But this is my Camaro club. I was recommended to this site through one of the Camaro fan pages on Facebook. You guys (and girls) are a great group to roll with. We've had a bunch of good times already, and I know we can have more. Thanks to Paul for taking the initiative to put this forward. We are still, but as our sub-forum region, New England. It works for me!

The only thing that I can think of that would make us that much better is if we can actually sponsor an event. I'll have to think of that. I have a few ideas...we'll see.

You should all know me as Nick...I won't put my town, just for security, so you can keep me as Boston.
You're Welcome Nick! Just trying to do my part.
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