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thx to all

Originally Posted by mikel441 View Post
Nice but, you lost me with the switchblade doors.
just sharing what i have, its what i like, i know you cant satisfy 100% of the people 100% of the time, but of course thats not my goal. i like them and i liked installing them myself even more.

Originally Posted by khabboub View Post
hey can i ask where you got those side stripes from? they look really good.
click on my sig, "new paint and clear" my buddy painted the car for me, for freeand he even bought me lunch

Originally Posted by CamaroMiami View Post
I like the side stripes too and want to know also.

I like the whole car also.
thank you, see the above reply

Originally Posted by nards444 View Post
IMO lambo doors belong on lambos, but other than that it looks great
well i found a lambo and took the doors off and you right they belong on a lambo. No matter how hard i tried i couldnt get them to fit, so i had to use the camaro doorssee 1st reply above. thanks for looking though.

Originally Posted by Quikzilver View Post
Looks great! Love your deck stripes!!!! They set off the mailbox slot beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Painted or vinyl? I think you have helped me decide on how I want my stripes when I get my SS....just gotta sell my Corvette now.
thanks, take you time do alot of seaching on the internet, thats what i did, and then kind of mixed and matched what i liked and of course my buddy came of with the hook on the fender

thanks again to all who take their time to look and comment.

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