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Originally Posted by RJT-Maro View Post
Nice! I like it

So this is the S-Type, no cats, and Bora LTH correct??

I might just go with the Borla LTH now. It doesn't sound too loud, but loud enough when you punch it.

Plus the Borla's are reasonably priced. Every other company's prices are in the 1K range. I know Summit racing has them for about $700. I will talk with Tim at T & T Performance to see what he can do for me. I am glad I watched this video, I was close to blowing the money on ARH. But they are really pricey.

Thanks for posting the vid
Yup S type cat back, LT's without cats. I don't think Borla offers Cat'd LT's

and I agree, it isn't lound until you WOT.... which is when you want it loud.

Like I've said before I LOVE! my ARH Headers. But this is a nice option.

IMHO, the fit and finish isn't quite as nice as my ARH's but in the end if you are on a budget, the borla is an established brand that knows how to build headers.

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