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Originally Posted by mikeSS View Post
sounds nice... but idk why you just didn't get a nice dyno tune... make the perfect tune for your car. all i know is if i got LT headers i would for sure get a custom tune...
We've looked and there aren't any real reputable LS shops in Mobile.

Randy and I actually talked about using a shop in Jax, EFI Alchemy, to do a quick tune while he was here.. But Randy is gonna ultimately get a supercharger so we just needed a reliable tune to hold him over.

And the tune Tim Gave him is based on a dyno tune that's been tested on a few cars.

And Randy now can use multiple tunes from T and T and upload them when needed. Valet, track, summer, winter...

I agree, you can really dial in the LT's with a dyno tune but I was pretty impressed with the safe baseline tune Tim gave him...
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