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This is really disappointing. If no ambient lighting I will not cancel my order, I will leave it with the dealer and then just not take delivery on it. That way they will have a camaro to sell on their show room floor. My dealer has been very helpful and friendly and if I decide I don't want it for any reason I would like for them to end up with it.

Yesterday I mentioned in a post that buying a red tag corvette was not an option for me. I am thinking now it just might be. Great price and can get HUD, navigation, etc....

I will pay a little more but price was not that big a factor in my buying the camaro in the first place. I feel for GM as it is these types of things that really make them look bad. Hopefully, the average consumer won't know the difference.

Since it was the enthusiasts that ordered the majority of the first run camaro's (big assumption on my part) it could really hurt GM if many cancel now.
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