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Originally Posted by SikMaro View Post
im sorry but i dont think that it is savini's fault because either your town doesnt have good tire shops that dont know how to balance or mount tires and wheels or if your wheels were damaged in shipping, which are things out of their control. All i was saying is that you complaints are 1 in million. I was trying to be empathetic over your situation not trying to bash you. I love the wheels as many others do as well w/o problems and hope that you get the problem worked out.
Your empathy is weird. Or maybe you just like to talk a lot. Don't know when you've said too much.

Your post was either 'aimed' at me or you needed to proofread it a little better.

The facts are simple. I bought wheels. 3 of them were out of round. THey were sent back twice, ONE of them was fixed.

Without knowing who's to blame, wether it be the shipping company, tire shop, or Savini, I'm not gonna bash anyone for original fault. The fact that Savini has had them 3 times including the original build, and the same wheels are still messed up, (I got vids from before I sent them back the first time, and vids from now that show out of round on multiple wheels, not bent, but out of round and scanned docs from 4 different wheel tire shops over the passed 4 months) kinda doesn't give me the utmost confidence that they were EVER round. If the original shipping company damaged them, they were able to damage 3 of 4 wheels without messing up the boxes. If it were the wheel shop, they squeezed the HELL out fo the wheels to get them to smash to an oval shape. Damage is usually to an area, NOT to disform the WHOLE rim.

Doesn't matter. Savini is still taking care of me.

Maybe the fact that, like you said, it's "One in a Million" says that Savini makes FANTASTIC wheels, but since they don't ever have to repair them, they don't know how.

I know that's not the deal. They got the wheels back but didn't supervise to make sure they were repaired. Not that hard of a mistake to make. But should have been done.

You are not gonna get me to bash Savini. I've said all along, they make great wheels and they are BEAUTIFUL. My wheels were rushed. They got them done and to me in about 3 weeks for C5 Fest. Maybe it was in rushing them that the mistakes were made? Who knows, but as long as they make it right, I'm fine.

Originally Posted by SikMaro View Post
I love the wheels and i have had a great experience with savini just as all my other people that i have recommended. it is not a marketing campaign. its just like someone saying on this forum that camaros are the better than mustangs. its my opinion as everyone has the right to have.
Everyone I've recomended to Savini seems to have been fine as well. But, again, you were pointing your finger at me. Go back and read
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