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Originally Posted by speedster View Post

Your interior looks GREAT !!!

It has PQ's style written all over it...

Originally Posted by bi11ymc View Post
That looks much better than the stock plastic. Much!
I had this planned from day one.

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
Were you able to keep the ABL?
Nope. Not with the leather.

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post

How hard is it to install the leather on the doors? How long did it take you? Like Dr Jkel asked, do you still have the ABL?

Wow. It looks really classy.
The leather came in an already molded and wrapped panel.
It took about 3 hours on the one door. Still have to do the other. I found that I had to do some grinding and cutting on the new panel to make it fit correctly. Wasn't expecting that. Screwing into the panel only leaves you about a quarter inch to screw into. Can't go any further or you go all the way through the plastic. The plastic will strip easy so if you don't find JUST the right size screw and washers you can't get it to hold. Plus the new panels were molded such that it wouldn't go all flush on the right side of the panel. Had to dremel a lot to get it to fit flush.

Originally Posted by hrpiii View Post
That looks sharp PQ, great job.
I like it a lot.

Now I gotta do the other door. :(
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