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there is a problem here... and the problem is that we've waited for this car and been faithful to the cause for YEARS... we've endured the cancellation of the 4th gen and waited for years with nothing... then watched this car go from Concept to IVER to pre-production to production car and SEMA concepts and now to captured fleet cars roaming the streets... and we've ALL made some sacrifices along the way... the roof is a little taller, there is a b-pillar, the gas tank isn't up on the rear shoulder, the gas tank is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE CAR, the radio looks completely different than the Concept's, there's no navigation system (yes, there is OnStar, but it would have been cool to have something like what the CTS has)... all of these things we suffered through and persisted with our loyalty and love for the car... we "kept the faith"... we've ordered our cars knowing that we weren't getting HUD... we ordered our cars knowing that parking assist wasn't going to make it to the first run of cars... we ordered our cars knowing that a Z28 might come out and completely blow our cars away in a year... but there is a line... and not having ambient lighting available in the car at launch is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

the Ignition video was put out to tease us with how cool the interior would be... and then you tell us we can't have the one thing you were hoping to garner interest in with that video? the HUD, as it stands, in that video isn't going to be available but now you tell us that if you order at launch you're not going to get the AMBIENT LIGHTING?!?!? are we going to get a discount versus those who will order later and get the same car but WITH the ambient lighting? or is this a "you're buying the first run" tax? will there be a retro fit for those of us who have remained loyal for sooooooo long? for those of us who have MULTIPLE CAMAROS and GM products? or is this a "too bad, so sad" deal?

because, honetly, GM, this is a DEAL BREAKER when compounded with everything else that we've endured... Heaven knows I love to be the first to have a super cool new thing, but if this isn't going to be available, why order now? mark my words, guys, if this ambient lighting thing is true, we will be cancelling our pre-order... I would rather wait to get the best possible deal and package rather than being first in line... as it stands, if we wait, we'll be able to get a lower cost out the door, more options for the car and maybe even swing a Z06/Camaro SS double purchase for waiting, so this truly is a deal breaker.

GM, if you're hurting for money, dont piss off your core fans... dont make us wait for ANOTHER item on this car... you need sales right now and this WILL NOT BE GOOD for your reputation or sales... make some miracles happen, GM... you've had over 2 years of developing this car to get it right... time to prove that you're number one on the planet and deliver on your promises or get ready to have your name dragged through the mud.

your loyal following awaits an honest answer before January 1, 2009.
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