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Originally Posted by ZombieEatsYou View Post
I'm with TAG also.

A lot of us put down a huge chunk of deposit money (some non-refundable!) on a car that very few of us has even seen in 3 dimensions. We based our purchase based on photoshopped pictures, incomplete order books, and rumors of present and future features.

I, for one, am not a big fan of leather, but when I imagined what the black leather interior of my rally yellow Camaro would look like bathed in a soft blue glow - well, you know....

Now we find the mental picture we've built in our mind's eye may turn out to be a mirage. And murky statements from GM reps that "it's not canceled," while good to know, only fuels the fire because the rumor was it was delayed, not canceled. I think we're all adult enough to deal with the truth - what bothers me is the trickle of information we're getting. If their are problems with ABL, just tell us up front what it is and if its the consensus of the GM engineers that it will or won't be ready on 16 Feb. It just immature of GM to withhold information and hope the bugs are ironed out in time just so they won't be accused of misleading us - which will happen anyway!

The HUD issue, the stripe issue, now the ABL issue means a lot to many people here and time is running out to give our dealers instructions on what to do with our order. We respectfully ask:
1. Is ABL delayed.
2. if so, for how long? We know, but give us a guess.
3. Will MSRP be adjusted? By how much?

We now return control to you....
completely agree!

Originally Posted by camaro_corvette View Post

I want both
and we should GET both if we order this car and the ambient lighting isn't ready at launch... it should be a "we're sorry we made promises we didn't keep" gift to those of us who have been loyal for so long.
got tequila?
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