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What would make me (and i'm sure many others) a very happy camper on the whole Ambient Lighting issue if it is in fact going to be delayed, would be a promise from GM to retro fit at no additional cost the ABL into the 2LT/2SS models that miss the boat.

It may be a bit much to ask, but from looking at the posts here I think it's safe to say it would keep more than a couple orders from being delayed, if not canceled.

For me, the Camaro will be the first new car that will be exactly what I want, no settling for a different color, or getting a "better deal" because it does not have exactly the options package I was looking for.
The current Camaro in my driveway is a perfect example...
When I was out looking for a used F-body a few years ago, I was hoping to find a good deal on a T-top car with a 6 speed.
But instead I found an A-4 ragtop for 50% less that what I was finding the T-tops with the same mileage for.
At the time it seemed like a screaming good deal, and for most people, it would have been.
But as the newness wore off, every time I drove down a twisty road, I thought to myself "I should have waited and bought what I wanted"

The whole stripe thing was an annoyance, the HUD not being available until the 2011MY a disappointment, now with the talk of the Ambient Lighting being delayed, that's just one too many things that I would have to settle for.
And I for one do not want to look at other Camaro's two months after I get mine and have think to myself "if only I had waited another month or two..."

I've done that before, and won't do it again.
If delaying my order means that for once, I won't have to settle for anything, the my order will be postponed.

Or as others have mentioned give is the HUD early.
At that point i'll go aftermarket for the ABL, or pay out of pocket for GM to install it later.
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