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Turned in my 335i today (warning long post)

I turned in my 335i today. So now my '97 WS6 is my DD for a while. Until I decide what to buy.

After turning in the twin turbo I sat in an '11 Brembo Mustang and a 2SS. My initial impressions.


After spending some time in both front seats I do not see why the Mustang is considered heads over heels better. Some things were nicer. But parts of both interiors look cheap to me. Maybe I am spoiled from the BMW.

Both dashes are very retro, the Camaro's more so. Neither dash seemed all that attractive to me, but both are huge improvements over my fourth Gen Firebird. While not winning any beauty contests I would rate the Camaro dash as more interesting.

I did not like the SS radio so much as it will be hard to replace. I have to look at old Camaro threads to see the best way to do it. Aftermarket sound/nav systems are equal or better than factory systems and cheaper. But the Mustang Nav is very nice, built in, and not all that expensive when you consider you get 2 zone climate control, large backup camera screen, and HD radio all included.

I really disliked the low roof in the SS. Evan my wife commented on it. She wondered if Chevrolet was going for a chopped low rider look ala Chrysler 300. If so why? The Mustang was easier to see out of, no contest and interestingly enough my WS6 is also much better.

But the airy equalizer was the sunroof. Open the sunroof cover and the Camaro interior is much brighter. And you can open it for fresh air. The Mustang has a $2K glass roof that is nice but very expensive and never lets in any fresh air unless it is broken. I like a sunroof. And after lowering the power seat I had plenty of headroom.

The Camaro trunk was very long but very low. The Mustang trunk seemed shorter but higher and more useful.

One small thing was that it was easier for me to figure out how to move the front seat forward for rear seat access in the Mustang as the Camaro seat release was harder to find. Maybe I am just a dope.

The font seats in both felt comfortable and seemed to have a useful range of adjustment. But both fell short of the sport seats in my 335i.

You can find cheap plastic in both interiors if you look around. To me the visual quality is a draw. Slight edge to the Mustang for good visibility and the Nav. The Camaro has the sunroof.

My conclusion:

* Mustang interior appearance: 7.25
* Camaro interior appearance: 7.0
* Mustang interior ergonomics: 8..5
* Camaro interior ergonomics: 8.0
* Mustang interior cool factor: 7.0
* Camaro interior cool factor: 8.0


The Brembo Mustang I looked at was tarted up with appearance only add-on scoops and slats. I dislike this kind of useless gingerbread on a serious car. But you can avoid that option. I would. Without that the car has nice lines and very much reminds me of the Mustang fastback I have always wanted but never had. The rear is a little strange. But I could get used to it. Also the Mustang looks like it is more pieced together with all this plastic on the lower edge of the car. It makes the exterior look little cheap. I did like the Brembo wheels. I like the curved thin spokes and dark color. They look great. And they are 19 inchers. I would rather they were 18s but 19 is better than 20 for unsprung weight.

The SS makes much more of a statement than the Mustang. No question there. The Mustang is quietly good looking. The Camaro gets attention. I am not sure the Camaro is as good looking but has nice proportions except for the roof. The roofline on the Camaro looks too low for me. A 1 inch+ higher roofline would make the proportions a little better and increase interior visibility. Overall besides the styling, I like the Camaro exterior a little better. Somehow to me it says quality more than the Mustang. Two details I did not like on the Camaro was the front grill and the fish gills on the front of the back fender.

* Mustang exterior appearance: 8.00
* Camaro exterior appearance: 7.75
* Mustang exterior cool factor: 8.0
* Camaro exterior cool factor: 9.5

Given that we buys these cards as fun toys and not just transportation devices I would call this first evaluation a tie.

I am wondering the difference between the Ford Sync and the SS electronics. Any one know the advantages if any?

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