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Originally Posted by EnvyTerra View Post
The camaro has 109 more HP than the mustang, nice...
btw is there really a doubt who will win when the camaro has over a hundred more hp?
Let me count the ways...

1. The Mustang with Driver is 352 pounds lighter than the Camaro with Driver giving the Mustang a huge advantage every time the accelerator or brake peddle is used.
2. Both cars runs the exact same tire and wheel combination giving an edge to the Mustang in traction through foot print per pound.
3. The Mustang delivers with a 3.73 the Camaro a 3.43 giving the Mustang an advantage.
4. The twin screw Saleen blower develops more HP and TQ at the lower RPM range to give the Mustang another advantage.
5. Gingerman Raceway rewards suspension, tires and brakes because it is a momentum track and not a HP track like Road America.

Both cars have FI. Both cars run custom made Cobalt Friction brake pads. Both run the same lightweight Forgeline racing wheels. Both cars run Bridgestone RE-11 tires. Both cars run suspension developed by Pedders. Both cars are prepped at the same shop by the same tech with me watching.

Short of running identical cars these are about as even as you are going to get.
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