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Originally Posted by ffrcobra_65 View Post
Your observations just seem like it is composed/based on reading articles and comments about each car and you never really even felt/drove these cars. Performance factor is really where most people look for + and - when deciding between cars of this type and you mention nothing about it. Seems like you should be shopping for a Lexus or Mercedez if the ergonomics are your main concerns.
Good point. It is all about the driving.

I did drive the Camaro 2SS 6M. But I have not yet driven the Brembo Mustang. Here the Chevy dealer was much more attentive to my visit and a non car guy salesman was happy to help me and get me a drive even though I said I was not buying today. The sales guy did not know much about the car. I always know more than any salesman I have met anyway.

So I do not ask them any questions except price. So a non car guy is fine for me. I feel sorry for them. This guy told me they were losing their demos and would have to now buy their own cars. :(

At the Ford dealer I spent about 30 minutes poking around a Brembo Mustang GT in the show room and no one even asked me if I needed help. I was tempted to start using the horn. But instead I left. Advantage Chevrolet.

Once I drive the Mustang I will post. I want to be fair to both. I have owned both in the past and I think it is so much fun to decide between 2 such great cars. In the past neither car was so great but still fun anyway.
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