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Alright, its been a while since you've seen updates to the SST Camaro 5 Sub Shop Special and the abuse is just killing us...

OK, so here is the beautiful Air-To-Air Intercooler fabricated for the SST:

And this was how the custom radiator fit:

Well, after talking and keeping to the goal of 100% streetability while being pretty quick too, we decide to switch to an Air-To-Water Intercooler. The Air-To-Air would work like a charm on the street, but it blocked too much of the radiator surface and that would make the engine run hotter here in Florida. So... Air-To-Water. [Plus at the track you don't have to rely on ambient air temp to cool the charge, you can use ice water and dry ice to control your IAT's]

In order to design an ATW that allows the highest efficiency and shortest piping it would be necessary to move the already great fitting radiator forward. :( Oh well.

So...the front support was cut and refabricated to put the radiator THROUGH the support. It was moved forward a total of 5". This allows the ATW intercooler to fit perfect and even allowed us to fabricate a radiused, billet snout that also allowed the intake runners to be raised more which will widen and fatten the torque curve farther.

It has taken a little longer, but we feel this set of modifications will be well worth it in reliability, streetability and power gain.

Pic 1 - The radiator moved forward 5" and the fabrication mount for the billet snout.
Pic 2 - How nice both the radiator and ATW Intercooler fit. When finished it will look factory stock.

Also note how short the piping between the turbos and the Intercooler is. More free HP - cool stuff !
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