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Originally Posted by Rodrunner View Post
Well, just to keep this in perspective, at this point this thread has approx. 20 people that have shown disappointment in no ABL, with some of those planning to delay their order.
The "Calling JohnnyCamaro...." stripe thread has a poll count of 128 asking for longer Rally Stripes, none planning to delay their order since the prospect of a longer option does not exist at this time, but you can bet many would delay if there were longer coming and they were factory installed only items.
My point is that the stripe issue is at least as big an issue, and one I hope GM is also addressing in an expedient manner.
I would delay for longer stripes, but would not for the ambient lighting, an ambiance effect only visible to passengers at night, where the short stripes will be visible even to other drivers passing by on the road.
For me the lack og HUD was a close deal breaker. No blue color was the clincher. They undid that mistake and I'm ready to order this weekend and along come this "no ABL" rumor and a bunch of political waffling about it not being "cancelled" but no word on a delay?

Now I am back to not ordering again.

This has got to stop.

The fact they would tease us with how cool these features are and then NOT produce them is BAD BAD BAD!
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