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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
For me the lack og HUD was a close deal breaker. No blue color was the clincher. They undid that mistake and I'm ready to order this weekend and along come this "no ABL" rumor and a bunch of political waffling about it not being "cancelled" but no word on a delay?

Now I am back to not ordering again.

This has got to stop.

The fact they would tease us with how cool these features are and then NOT produce them is BAD BAD BAD!

I have to second you on this one Captain Awesome. How much more are we going to have taken off our car? We committed to being one of the first to buy knowing we had to give up HUD and then the stripes we want. Now this no ABL.

Come on GM. We all know the tuff times you have had but if you are going to build the camaro, get it right. For all of us. If not, delay the entire release until you have a "finished" product to offer the public. You are still a viable busniess that is going to be accountable for whatever you build and put on the road.

Selling half baked cakes is a recipe for disaster. I can't speak for anyone but myself here and I would rather you not rush a beautiful car with a fast engine to market that is incomplete or anything less then your original expectations. Others have said on this forum it's the little things that makes this camaro special. Without them, its just another fast car.

Besides, why do those of us who have put money down to make this launch a success, allowing you to boast how many you have presold, be the ones to get the lesser car??

We need an answer on the ABL.
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