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Originally Posted by UCF w00t View Post
If GM had never announced that ambient lighting would be there, would you guys still be bitching? Maybe they shouldn't have announced anything til the car was being produced to know 100% what they'd have.

Still, this is all rumor. It is odd that noone has stepped in to quash or confirm the rumor yet though.

Was HUD ever announced as a feature and then the GMPP catalog recently? From everything I've seen, it's just been wishful thinking that it'll be brought over from the vette.
Pretty hard to bitch about something if you didn't know it existed in the first place!

I agree that Scott or someone reliable needs to quash this as well. I believe he has been on and posted on other threads so the lack of a reply here leads most of us (my assumption) who want the ABL, that it is possibly true.

We are all anxious to get our camaro's and are exhausted from the back and forth on the government loan and if GM was even going to be around next year. Any "bad" news just, well, gets to ya!
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