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So, if they can't delay the car and those of us who have already ordered and put money down are going to get a car with options left off I guess that's just our loss. That really sucks. Can't imagine those cars are going to have the same future value as the ones that have what is "really" supposed to be included in their respective packages.

I have bot and sold many cars and the options do make a difference.

I have said it before and I'll say it again. It's the principle I don't like. I can hear my buddies now saying "that's what you get when you buy a GM." I'd rather not give them the opportunity to say it.

I would have to agree with them if that happens as well. I don't see BMW or Lexus saying they are going to have something on one of their cars and then when it comes time to be built say, "oh sorry, we couldn't get that to work in time so your car won't have it. You still have to pay me for it though."

I'll shut up on this topic now.
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