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So, two days ago, I'm pulling out of a subdivision, and just for first gear my car sputtered and pulled an engine code. Took it straight to Advance and the code reads a misfire in cylinder 5. Drove it a while and it ran fine and the light went off so I just figured maybe bad gas. Tonight on my way home from work, however, it does it again, except now it is sputtering all the time, even at idle. I don't know when the plugs and wires were replaced, but I pulled #5 and it looks okay, and I checked the gap and it read .072. Somewhere I read that it is only supposed to be .060, but I'm not sure if thats right. I don't know why this would be happening all of a sudden, unless the gap has been gradually getting bigger? I'm just hoping it's not a cracked head.
Also, all my gauges read fine, and no white smoke.
Any ideas?
Possible bad plug?

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