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Hi musclecargirl

Tell me when you get organized and we can meet somewhere and I will add my 50 plus members to your event. I am the VP of ROCKIN ROBIN camaro club in Warner Robins ( next to robins afb south of Macon ) and we get around 20 plus people turning out for our events. ( You can never get everyone in the club to turnout due to family and life events ) My 20 and your cars would make a huge cruise someplace.

If you don't have a face book page for your potential club do it now. its a great way to send out event RSVPS and such.

Check out ROCKIN ROBINS camaro on face book and see how we do it.

PM the club page and Ill give you my cell phone number and tell you how we overcame or growing pains.

I hope you have great success. We need a camaro club up in Atlanta!

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