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Erick’s Mistress – 2010 Camaro # 8212 | 2LT | RS | CGM

I’ve loved Camaros all my life and my first was a 77’ Type LT. I got it used in 92’ and spent a lot of time and money on it over the years. In 2007 I finally sold the car due to not being able to keep up on maintenance and care.

It was actually purchased by a couple from Mexico who came up with a new Tahoe and flatbed. It was a pretty sad day for me to see my car being taken away. I had a lot of great memories of it with my family. I was in the Navy and drove it across the US a couple of times. I remember working on it with my son. With my daughter, I remember the time we "drove the gut" in Lansing. She was not happy when I reved the engine for the crowd. When she heard the crown cheer, she got excited and gave me the approving smile to rev it again.

In May of last year I got a call from a sales person at a local Chevy dealer. He knew my story and called to ask if I was still interested in the Camaro. I had looked at a 35th Anniversary edition model a while ago, but things just didn’t work out. I wasn’t really thinking about it but had heard about the comeback of the Camaro, so I decided to go into the dealership to talk. After my visit and doing some checking on-line, I was hooked. This time, things were all in alignment. I had just come into some extra cash and was in the process of selling a vehicle that was nothing but trouble.

It took a while to make my final decision. All the colors are beautiful. I tried a lot of colors and combinations. I wasn’t sure about the V6 until I saw the performance numbers—304 hp and 273 tq—Wow. The 77’ had 170 hp and 270 tq. And yeah the new V8 now has over 400 hp, but I wasn’t planning on racing. So the deal was sealed in mid April. In the mean time I sold my then current vehicle and my mom was nice enough to let me borrow her Impala. Another nice ride from Oshawa by the way.

I must have called my salesperson a hundred times to get a status on delivery.

So I waited until May 28th 2009 to take delivery. I was so excited—I felt like a little kid.

Erick’s Mistress – 2010 Camaro # 8212 | 2LT | RS | CGM | Litho #165 |
Current Mods:
[X] 30% Window Tint - 07/2009
[X] Camaro RS wheel lettering - 09/2009
[X] Camaro RS dash lettering
[X] Painted Engine Cover w/Chevrolet lettering -
[X] Red Ambient Dash Lighting - 08/2010
[X] Roto-Fab CAI - 08/2010
[X] Solo Mach XLT w/J-Pipes - 08/2010
[X] Solo High-Flow Cats
[X] AAC Style LED Fog Lamps - 08/2010
[X] AAC Style Tinted LED Side Marker Lights - 08/2010
[X] Sinister Ram Air Hood CF - 04/2011
[X] Sinister Spoiler - 04/2011
[X] GM Satin Nickel Fuel Door
[X] LED Lighted Scoop - 05/2011
[X] LED Lighted Trunk Space - 05/2011
[X] Eibach Lowering Springs - 09/2011
[X] Eibach Sway Bar - 09/2011
[X] VMAX Ported Throttle Body - 11/2011
[X] Chrome Cap Covers Under the Hood - 01/2012
[X] Stealth Splash Guards - 01/2012
[X] Fade to Black Gill Accents - 02/2012
[X] ACS T2 Bumper Ports - 06/2012
[X] LED Engine Cover Mod - 08/2012
[X] Cyber Gray Painted Wheel Lug Inserts - 01/2013
[X] Forced Air - RX Supercharged - 06/2013

Wish List:
[ ] Headlight Armour
[ ] Ground FX
[ ] Cup Holder lighting
[ ] RS Embroidered Headrest
[ ] BBK Shorty Headers
[ ] Barton Shifter
[ ] Lottery Win to Buy back the Mistress

On May 30th I went to the Michigan F-Body Meet and Greet and won 2nd place in the 5th Generation category—beaten by a V8. Of course.

I also had a chance to meet Oppenheiser, who signed my car! I had never shown a car but I’ve been showing off ever since.

To this day I get excited every time I get into my car.

I also get excited seeing other new 5th generation Camaros on the road.

On the road to Camaro Fest 2010

GM did a great job in the design and styling. As for the build quality, all I can say is thank you! What a quality vehicle. I am so very proud of my car and I think All the folks that brought this vehicle from concept to delivery should also be proud for their part in this Icon of a car. I might have said “American Icon” but I know there are a lot of countries and talents involved.


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Erick’s Mistress - 2010 2LT
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