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The Mighty 77

I had the same problem but different reasons. The 77 gen is the one least talked about. I had to give my 77 rs 350 up when I got married, this was my first car. And get this my father and I went looking for a camaro and just happend to pass Russell & Smith Ford in Houston,tx. He said oh look over there its a pretty black one on the lott, mind you my best friend had a brand new black Z28 with flames and it was the bomb in 77. So after looking and hagaling this pretty black with half red vynal top picked me. It only had 3000 miles on it,some crazy fool had traded it in,and the rest is history. I eventually rebuilt it form top to bottom when i got older. Mind you all of my best friends had camaro's back then and this was a special order but the guy just didnt want it. It was real racer. Fast cars and fast broads was how we lived. This gen never got the respect that it deserved. Back then we were like we are now the S!!! This camaro makes a 50 plus man remember the goods times of the past and the good times of the present. Please forgive the rant, but we are all lucky to have such a fine machine.
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