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Originally Posted by youngoliver View Post
Is putting Eibach lowering springs on going to void my warranty in any way? If yes please explain...
thank you
It will likely void your chassis warranty.

Reason? The car was designed, engineered, tested and manufactured with a certain suspension setting. If you modify it, you are giving up your warranty.

What everyone seems to be missing is MM and all of this other discussion only says the manufacturer has to honor THEIR STATED WARRANTY. It does not give you any more warranty coverage than what the manufacturer states................and GM clearly states if you modify the parts your warranty is voided.

Originally Posted by sparaz View Post
There was an example in OP about racing voiding the warranty. Is that to say that if someone tested their max speed on a closed track once or twice that they would void a warranty as well? I read the part about sustained over limit speeds, but if so that would seem ridiculous to me.
There was a highly publicized case several years ago of another OEM hanging out at race tracks and collecting VINs. GM has to my knowledge been very understanding in this regard. Now if you bring your Camaro in with racing slicks and a roll bar you might be out of luck.

Originally Posted by Orange ss crush View Post
I had taken my 2010 SS2 M6 in due to I heard a bolt hit the passanger floor board - Then the gear shift started shaking histerically - Well they said tha u joint went bad - fixed it - picked it up four days later gear lube all over garage fixed seal took it out Tuesday and boom same senerio now they say they are waiting for approval from GM plus alot of silent treatment. Any thoughts?
If your dealer is not helping you, please call GM Customer Service at 1-866-509-9090. If you aren't satisfied, PM me with the SR (Service Request) Number and I will use our internal escalation process.

Keep in mind folks, your dealer has to get most approvals from GM in order to do warranty work done. For powertrain warranty, first step is to submit the cal file to GM for review in order to get approval.

And in every case, the dealer has to return the parts to GM for inspection. This is for two reasons, to make sure dealers are replacing bad parts and for GM engineers to be able to review the parts to root cause the issue in order to improve future cars.

And for everyone with examples of having a supercharger and GM paying for the warranty? First question is did the dealer do the install? If so, like GTA and his Tom Henry car, he has a warranty with Tom Henry, not GM or anyother dealer. But GM will also do "good will" repairs. And I believe for the Camaro transmissions this was done...........regardless of modifications. Refer to the transmission threads here on C5.

If you get a lawyer, be prepared to go up against a lot of GM engineering data. GM knows the limits of the powertrain. They've tested to find those limits. And when your mod exceeds those limits you'll have a hard time in court. But that's just an engineers opinion. A lawyer charging you by the hour probably has another.

I'm still waiting to see evidence of a case where someone popped a SC on or re-calibrated the ECU and went to court to have the warranty restated. I haven't seen one yet.................but we keep talking about it in threads like this like it could actually happen.

The stated warranty is pretty clear, and I can assure you GM has no desire to refuse your warranty repair. But keep in mind if you modify, then all bets are off and no one should be bad mouthing GM or any other OEM.
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