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So things are finally moving along now although we have had some problems.

Hood: The Siebon hood is a pretty good hood for the money. That being said, it has a resin coating (as they all do) and the superior option is epoxy. In addition I want the ZR1 window and it needs a little more stability. So....we have epoxied the hood, we will re-wrap it in carbon, and then put the window in. They are doing that today.

Trunk: I had wanted the Siebon ST trunk but it is on back-order forever and I cannot wait. I bought an MPD spoiler. We will fiberglass the spoiler onto the stock trunk, and wrap the whole trunk in carbon to get a 'one piece' look.

Wheels: the wheels from Savini are on the way after way having had the inside of the spokes painted.

Calipers: I have elected to get the calipers painted yellow

Roof: yesterday the builder had a great idea that we have decided to do. Wrap the roof in carbon (using epoxy of course) and rather then have exposed CF rally stripes as originally intended....have carbon hood, roof and trunk with YELLOW rally stripes. I have approved that decision as of about 10 mins ago. I sure hope it looks good.

Ground affects: we managed to get some CF gfx from VIS Racing through Gary's customs and they look very good. My builder is impressed with the quality. We will season them a little and then re-clear a couple of times but basically they fit very well and get two thumbs up.

Interior: 60% of the interior parts have been wrapped in yellow kevlar, epoxied and are now being trimmed. This is hand layed and very time consuming is being done 'right'. That being said, the builder (Iggy - board member) is a little anxious about the tight corners of the dash bezel and the steering wheel.

Leather: This has been the one troubling area. The local leather / interior guy (or his supplier) has let us down. After 5 weeks he has not been able to source an appropriate yellow leather and we have now pulled the plug on him. I'll now be trying Geraldo of DSV Customs to see what he can do.

Paint: This was also a big decision that I do not know how it will end up and that is to use a tinted clear coat to get a colour a little closer to Bumblebee. Iggy says it will look "Butterscotch". That was a big decision as now that car has to be taken apart, windows and trim removed, door jamb's, engine bay, get the showstopper parts painted, the wheels and calipers will need to be done. yikes. I must be insane and this budget is spinning away from me.

This decision will also cause problems with respect to getting the right coloured leather dye.

Badging: going to get the badges replaced with CF cut pieces.

Our 'soft' deadline is for an F-body cruise of Aug 28th but that is probably unlikely....Hard deadline is for a show on Labour day weekend.
Yellow, Davenport 700, Pfadt coilovers and sway bar, Seibon CF hood, CF roof, custom CF trunk, Savini CF wheels, custom know what?....too much to list.

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