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Part of what we did is to max out the performance -- without going into the motor. We could have built monster motors, changed out transmissions, drive shafts, rear gears, half-shafts and more. These two cars are attainable. Saleen may well choose to build a car exactly like ours and it wouldn't be close to a six figure car. Most any enthusiast can take elements of what we have done and apply it to their own Camaro or Mustang. The fuel system limits us to the RWHP we are making. Could we replace the fuel system, of course, but we are back to adding big bucks to the final build if we do the work to OEM standards.

We are down to a few tweaks we are kicking around after the latest head to head run. My guess is we can wring out another 1/h second or so from each car. Run the next session on a cooler day and it would be a bit more. There isn't any low hanging fruit left unless I put my driver on a all fruit diet and get him down to under 100 pounds.

There was a post from SSteve that come through my email, but I can't find it here.

The weight advantage of the Mustang is too much for the Camaro to overcome. While you were in those deep technical discussions with the government motors guys, did you happen to ask them why they made the car so heavy?

Also, is that cat wearing the red shoes the owner? Do you get a pair of those shoes when you buy a set of Pedders coilovers?

The Camaro is a bigger car than the Mustang. If the Musstang were as large it would be virtually the same in weight. I hear rumors that the next Camaro will be a bit smaller. I am not sure that is a good idea. My wife loves using the Camaro as a family car because it is larger inside than the Mustang. How much that will impact sale of a 6th Gen Camaro I don't know. Smaller and lighter will be a HUGE gain on the track, but the last time the Camaro was that size they didn't sell enough of them to continue to build them. Then again, the Mustang continues to sell.

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