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The Camaro is not being delayed at all. This is ridiculous speculation, and your dealer is an idiot. The salesperson is reckless to tell you that it might not be produced because that sort of feedback would cause most buyers to buy something else in the meantime.

GM has announced unspecific reduced production of all models and reduced shifts at the plant that produces the Camaro, but those shifts will be up to the week that the Camaro enters production. Those cuts do not include the day that the Camaro becomes a production car.

The Camaro will be produced. If you've been combing these boards for information, then you know all that you can about this car, questions regarding this car, and the state of affairs at General Motors. We are all worried about GM, but Bush's recent loan approval is cause to celebrate and hope for a bright future.

Expect the Camaro to be produced without a hitch.
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