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Originally Posted by Iansane View Post
SSteve: "It's amazing how people can make millions by contributing little if anything to the advancement of technology or society in general; for running fast and jumping high. Go figure"
Far to often I have thought this....

The car may be crashed in a year. What may be equally as devastating would be it sitting in someones temperature controlled garage collecting dust. That car NEEDS to be driven and driven hard and not just in a straight line.... thank Pedders for that
No question that car deserves to be on the track. Unfortunately it will probably end up rolling up and down the streets of the "hood" with thug rap music bouncing it up and down (another reason for those Pedder upgrades).

As detestable as most professional athletes are, it's more detestable to see people put them on a pedestal and scramble to associate themselves and/or their businesses with them.
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