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Updated Plan

Now that the teardown is commencing, we are revisiting the plan.

We are going to rejuvenate the underneath of the car. Everything is going to be removed. There will be minor repairs to the floor (as the floor was replaced back in 1989). We will coat the underneath with a thin layer of Rhino lining and paint it the color of the car.

Several of the new parts will be painted red, including the sway bars and coil springs. The drive shaft and fuel tank will be painted silver. The rest will be black. I’ve decided to replace the brake and fuel lines as well as the parking brake cables.

The exhaust will be a 3 inch system with new ceramic coated headers. We haven’t decided where to exit the exhaust yet.

The sub-frame is currently removed and will get cleaned up and painted black. We were thinking of powder-coating, but since we may have to perform some modifications, we decided to paint it instead.

The engine compartment will be stripped. The battery will be relocated to the trunk. The firewall will be painted the color of the car. The heater will be replaced with the VintageAir system. As such, all of the heater hoses, etc. will be replaced with braided hoses.

The RS Headlight actuators will be replaced with the Detroit Speed electric system. This will allow us to remove all of the vacuum system and misc hoses.

I still have to get the specs on the engine. But, it came out of a Corvette pro-street car and only has about 100 miles on it. The guy was getting past by Mazda RX-7s at the SMS track and decided to upgrade his Corvette with a higher performance engine. I’ll post the specs when I get them. All I know is that it puts out about 385 HP and has vortec heads.

Since I’m spending more money (it’s only money), I’ve decided to repaint the car as well. It’ll be the same color, but completely repainted with minor body work here and there. Plus, I’m going to make it an RS/SS with a cowl hood to make room for the high rise intake manifold. I’m still thinking about striping.

Since we are going to repaint the car, the sunroof is going bye-bye. I have another original roof that we’ll use to replace my roof.

Next, some interior modifications. I need to replace the center console as it is trashed. I plan on getting a reproduction from Rick’s Camaro and get the AutoMeter console setup for the 1969 Camaro. The gauges are angled toward the driver for better visibility. I also plan on getting the tachometer to replace the fuel gauge in the instrumentation panel as the AutoMeter setup has the fuel gauge on the console.

Here’s a list of new parts to be ordered:

Timing Cover
Camaro Brake Line Set, Front, Steel, 4-Piece, Disc Conversion, For Cars With Power Brakes, 1967-1969
Camaro Brake Line Set, Front To Rear, Steel, 2-Piece, For Cars With Power Drum Or Disc Brakes, 1969
Camaro Brake Line Set, Rear Axle, Steel, Multi-Leaf Spring, 2-Piece, Disc Conversion, 1969
Camaro Brake Line Retaining Clamp Set, 1969
Camaro Fuel Line, Gas Tank To Fuel Pump, Steel, 3/8", All V8, 1969
Camaro Fuel Line, Fuel Pump To Carburetor, Steel, 327 & 350ci 4-Barrel Carburetor, 3/8", 1967-1969
Camaro Fuel Line Retaining Clamp, Single, 3/8", 1969
Camaro Parking Brake Cable System Kit, Stainless Steel, Complete, 1967-1969
Camaro Headliner, Original Factory Grain, With Sail Panels & Sunvisor Material, 1968-1969
Camaro Headlight Door Conversion Kit, Vacuum To Electric, Rally Sport (RS), 1969
Camaro Headlight Door Actuator Shields, Rally Sport (RS), 1969
Camaro Taillight Lens, Right, Rally Sport (RS), 1969
Camaro Taillight Lens, Left, Rally Sport (RS), 1969
Camaro Taillight Panel Emblem, SS, 1969
Camaro Grille Emblem, SS, For Cars With Rally Sport (RS) Grille, 1969
Camaro Parking Light Lens, For Cars With Standard Trim (Non-Rally Sport) Or Rally Sport (RS), 1969
Camaro Tachometer, 5500 RPM Redline, 1969
Camaro Console Gauge Pod Kit, Ultra-Lite Series, Fuel Level, Oil Pressure, Voltmeter & Water Temperature, AutoMeter, 1968-1969
Camaro Console Gauge Pod Wiring Harness Kit, AutoMeter, 1968-1969
Camaro Console Door Lid, Black, 1968-1969
Camaro Console Housing, 1968-1969
Camaro Console Rear Ashtray Lid, Black, 1968-1969
Camaro Shift Plate Emblem, Console, 5-Speed, Black Anodized, 1968-1969
Camaro Console Shifter Plate Rosewood Woodgrain Insert, Manual Transmission, 1969
Taylor Cable 48103 - Taylor Battery Relocation Kits
66003 - Hedman Hi-Tech Coated Headers
7728 - Spectre Magna-Pak Radiator Hose Kits

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