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Originally Posted by MerF View Post
Ironically enough, when we asked about it they explained it. Turns out they were concerned about raising the roof too high to make the car look awkward, but they wanted to be able to slide the glass into the roof (like you were probably expecting). But the designs took away from too much headroom in the car, and they made the wise decision to forgo the hidden sunroof and use the design you see now.

At least that is how I remember Scott explaining it to us.
That's 100% right. What looks like an afterthought was actually looked at VERY closely...I think we all might be surprised at how many different attempts they went through before arriving at a decision.

Originally Posted by fastball View Post
And I would have been more than happy to have a few inches less of headroom...... you're buying a personal performance coupe. You want head room buy a school bus.

That's the approach GM's engineers should have taken.
They probably did that with HVAC, integrated nav, among many other things. When you're marketing to new audiences while still in a highly competitive segment, you can't rough house your way through everything and expect people to like it. I don't know how tall you are; but an inch can mean the world to taller people, and those who like to sit higher in their seats.

imo, I don't like any sunroof; but I prefer this design to the in-roof design. I think it adds flair when its open.
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