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I'm with Big Booty......

Partial to the '69 SS/RS Black car with the white hockey sticks. That, to me, screams Original.

Another thing that kills me is that every Camaro has "Z28"/"SS" style stripes that run from the front to the back. While its a timeless look, it makes every Camaro look just like the next one.

Doing something like Diana/Mike Travers/Ahem...Andre did with that design is completely HOT and out of the box. While making the car "theirs," it also tells people that you mean business and that your car isn't just one fish outta the school of them.

One thing I totally plan on doing on our next 1st Gen is installing Houndstooth Interior.......Yellow, Orange , White, Black, it doesn't matter....that stuff is the Bees Knees!!!

Just a thought....

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