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Originally Posted by SSmoke View Post
But I figured you might let me slide for lookin like the first time poster if I offered up some pics and videos!

Yep that was me in the drivers seat in Fred's video... Here's another video of the SS was sweet. I have over 100 pics that my buddy and I took so if anyone is looking for anything in particular PM me and let me know and I'll see if I can find it.

The best part was that after awhile everyone pretty much just walked away and we were there to pick through the car and see whatever we wanted. I was impressed with the interior- not cheap and feels very solid. That was my biggest concern seeing as how I've seen the car a few times now but was never able to get in it. We looked it over inside and out and didn't find one thing we weren't pleased with. It only took like an hour to calm down after we left lol...
lol its my brother in flordia. sweet username. hehehe i wish that was my name.

vids were good. the deep growl of the exhaust is wonderful. i cant wait till i have the opportunity to sit in the camaro and turn the key for the first time.
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