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I have a 2010 Rally Yellow Camaro a few small swirl marks here and there and very small water spots all over the paint and windows but you can only see them in certain light. Came this way. I have a Rain Soft water softener in my house.

Wife's car is a 2008 Red Dodge Charger swirl marks, scratches, hard water spots on paint and windows. Also has black tire marks on the rear bumper where a guy pulled his truck tire across it.

I also have a 2002 Dark Charcoal Grey Suburban in pretty good shape with the normal scratches and marks for a truck 8 years old. Still has a very nice shine to it, but it could be better.

If I have time Friday, I'll give you guys a call at your number you have listed in your signature. I'm looking at the Porter Cable 7424XP kit you have listed on your site. Would this one be my best bet? I'm not to familiar with the other brands of polish you have listed with the other PC. I'd like to get something figured out and ordered to get it here next week so I can spend Labor Day weekend working on at least the Camaro and Charger.

Here is the one I'm looking at
Porter Cable 7424XP w/Meguiar's M105 & M205
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