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Here are the newest videos from the Supercar Shootout.



The Camaro video was logged with the track data. The Mustang video was logged in multiple cameras. We will have a Mustang video with the running data overlay soon.

John's driving was obscenely good. The difference between his fastest lap and theoretical perfect lap on the Mustang was 3/100 of a second and 3/10 of a second in the Camaro. In terms of driving excellence, John was virtually perfect.

In these videos you can see the differences between the Mustang and the Camaro. The Mustang is loose in the rear and late to put down power in the turns. The Mustang out braked and out accelerated the Camaro.

The Camaro brake bias was off due to my rear pad selection. Even with that handicap, the Camaro was formidable on track. The Camaro had faster entrance and exit speeds because of the ability of the IRS to keep the car under control.

John hold steady state high G turns. You can see in the side camera video just how hard he was running the Mustang. We'll get a Camaro video with the side shots up too. As excellent as John is behind the wheel, he couldn't be this consistent unless the cars were incredibly stable and predictable. John and the cars put on an incredible show.
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