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Originally Posted by billyspeed View Post
almost every new car, any brand, any model, on any dealer lot in any town usa has this issues. it is because the car is painted seperate from the plastic parts... bumbers mirrors handles.. ect. the car/body is painted by electrostatic then baked at a high temp, i think 350-400 degrees cant remember the exact number, but a lot higher then the plastics could ever be baked at. the plastics are done with another paint process more like at a body shop would use. therfore the colors are not a perfect match.

if you look at cars at dealers lots you will see this more and more once the eyes are aware of it, must people never notice till you point it out on some cars. some colors are better, some are much worse.

any way ive been a painter for 17 years and have heard this complaint many times.. and most cases they will not cover or warranty such an issue.
its kinda of up to the shop if they wanna help you out. you can also call any bodyshop and they will tell ya the same story. i no that sucks to hear but just wanted to give you a little back story on the isssue. good luck and let us no how you make out.
also the only way to fix it 100% is to repaint the bumber-hood-and 2 fenders. dont let them try just repainting the bumber, cuz you want the mettalic flakes to all lay down the same when repainted.
there is also a post under this section on mismatched paint. give that a read as well

I agree with everything except for one thing.

New mass produced cars are NOT baked. Baking requires 3-4 hours of them sitting in an oven however within 30 minutes of being painted the cars receive their interior.
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