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Originally Posted by AUS10BMX View Post
I love the low roof. I think its one of the coolest things about the car... It is almost how they chop the roof on hot rods and make them lower. Unless your like 7ft tall then yeah I'd hate it too. I was beside a new Stang yesterday and the roof just roll's up to high in my opinion. Other than that I wouldn't take anything away from the new Mustang body styles, it isn't a bad looking car.

The Camaro has body lines that can't be beat. To many Mustangs on the road in so many styles body kits colors stripes and so on. Camaro sticks out and says something with out all the added components.
Yes, the Camaro is growing on me. Since I am ready to buy I looked around today for black 2011 Mustang GTs just in case I changed my mind at the last minute.

After looking at the dealer pics I decided no way. The Camaro gets the nod this time around. I hope the black/black color combo is not too drab. Maybe there are ways to liven it up.
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