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Where ya'll putting your switch when you want to inject the Nitrous? ZEX says they make a (In addition, the system also offers an electronic TPS switch for reliable system activation at wide-open throttle; perfect for the Camaro’s throttle-by-wire system.) But when your in Competive Mode or just in Regular mode, When you put the gas pedal to the floor the R.P.M's only go to like 1800 or what ever. Is that gonna mess up with the NOS? How is that gonna work when I have the pedal to the medal but I dont want it to run when I want to. I want to be able to spray when I want to. Maybe I want to tease someone for a few races? Where is everyone putting there switches? Sorry if I was going back and forth from Manual spray to Throttle-by-wire. Bare with me please. Thanks
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