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Originally Posted by SSteve View Post
No question that car deserves to be on the track. Unfortunately it will probably end up rolling up and down the streets of the "hood" with thug rap music bouncing it up and down (another reason for those Pedder upgrades).

As detestable as most professional athletes are, it's more detestable to see people put them on a pedestal and scramble to associate themselves and/or their businesses with them.

The ignorance expressed in this post is what is truly detestable. It's true, there are professional athletes that are less than model citizens, and there are even a few that are criminally inclined. But to label "most" of them as such is ridiculous.

Perhaps you should do a little research next time before you start spewing garbage. Eric Berry is an outstanding example of character and class, and I would much rather associate myself with him than with you.

Now as for the original thread subject, that Camaro is sick. Sickeningly awesome. Back when he was drafted, Berry had said that he wanted a new Camaro, but I never imagined anything like this. Hopefully sometime when I'm back home I'll have a chance to meet the car, and its driver, in person.

Final thoughts:
Go Chiefs! 8-8 this year. Playoff contenders in 2011. Superbowl Champions 2012 season.
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