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I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the kind words about the build, they are greatly appreciated. Also, Eric appreciates the kind words about him and his performance. Anyone who doubts how great of a guy Eric is, I'd just like to let you know he is nothing short of a stellar person.

Originally Posted by Libertyforall1776 View Post
Nice again, but those front pipes look so close to other components like front sway bar and bracing, I would be surprised if there is no metal on metal over poor pavement...
The picture angles and lighting offer a bit of an optical illusion concerning space constraints, everything is actually clearanced rather well.

Originally Posted by Dalefj View Post
If he wanted the final product to be an auto why didnt he buy an auto instead of a manual?
Locating and purchasing the car was left to us, we chose the six-speed manual 2SS simply because the electronics would be simpler for our stand-alone transmission system. Essentially, we're changing the steering wheel, shifter console, brake pedal, brake master-cylinder reservoir and of course the electronics. It's generally straight forward once the transmission is in place, we had to do a little bit of fabricating to make the 4L80E fit the transmission tunnel and mount up properly.

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Was there any reason you guys couldn't do a built 6L80e?

Looks like a fun build.
Remaining consistent with our over engineered theory of this vehicle (i.e. the powertrain is built to sustain 2,000hp+), we needed the drivetrain to follow suit. The highest horsepower we've seen a fully built 6L80E handle is shade over 1,000whp. We wanted the factor of failure to be around 60% at maximum operation, so the built 6L80E was out of the question. With the four speed and proper gearing in the transmission and third member, it will drive nicely on the street and still put the power down.

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Wowzers! Amazing build and what's crazy is one of the guys at National Speed left a business card on the windshield of my Camaro when I was at Shooter's Choice indoor range right next door a couple weeks back! Now I wish I was going to be stationed in NC just a little longer!!
Haha, that was me.

Come stop by and check out this car when you're in Wilmington again, I'd be happy to give you a tour and talk Camaros.
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