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Originally Posted by jfaber99 View Post
The only thing I don't understand is why the guy bought a $33,000(and up) Hyundai Genisis if he was having hard times.

Why not an Impala or Malibu? They cost less too!

The japanese automakers are clever and deserve multiple accolades. They fed off the whole we make better MPG cars and they are way cheaper for years. They took advantage of piss poor vehicles made here from proabably late 70's to early ninetys, when at that point American cars started coming back. But now foreign cars are actually costing more than american cars and arent any better quality. But Japan sucked in a lot of owner loyal over those two decades they are still profiting off of that. I would say really since 2002-2004 American cars have been superior and really most american made cars either get the same MPG or even better.

Another observation is this. Look at the two countries that we probably do the most business with Japan and China. These are the countries that we have built up to be our spitting image, allowing un-fair trade to go on for years, borrowing extensively from, and really not getting anything in return. So we become more poor and people no longer have jobs because we have no manufacturing base, china and japan are on our heels to dominate the global market. Sad thing is we have let a lot of this happen to ourselves. It's sad really when you think about it besides food and even that is tricky, there is nothing you buy thats made in the states anymore NOTHING.
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