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Originally Posted by Wanted View Post
I don't mean to poop on your parade here folks, but did you happen to notice on the news how GM gladly took our hard earned tax money because they claimed to be going broke and yet they still enjoy the use of their private 6 million dollar golf course on their 33 million dollar private island? How soon we forget how they flew in on their private Jet with their hand out begging for money. I've always been a Chevy guy and was excited about the new Camaro, but this is too much. Bye GM, I'll be spending my money somewhere else.

By the way, I think you guys have been sitting to close to your monitors and fried your brains. That V6 Camaro sounds just like every wanna be rice burner I blow past every day.

First of all, that is the UAW's - not GM's. Two separate companies.

Nice first post, go troll somewhere else.
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