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As I drive the Camaro SS I am reminded of the Gen 1 CTS-V more so than the LS2 GTO. The Cadillac seemed tighter. I really liked the Gen 1 CTS-V. Not so sure about the CTS-V Gen 2. I know it is awesome, but it is so heavy.

Enjoying the LS3 so far. 250 miles. When can you open it up?

Speed impression:
  • Stock Camaro SS > Stock 335i
  • Stock Camaro SS = 335i with $250 JB+ tune - Would be a drivers race.

First Mods:
  • Shifter Upgrade (heard it is a PIA)
  • Better looking grille
  • Cat/Axle back (Keep the decibels low - Magnaflow Hush? No drone?)
  • Subwoofer/Amp (I have a high end Kicker 10" and a Discus MB Quartz)

  • LTs
  • CAI
  • Tune - (Voids Warranty?)

One other thing would be nice. The 2SS console gauge/shifter plastic trim is very low rent. It would be nice to match the grey shiny panel on the doors. Is this out there?

The other thing is I was considering the Metra 2D with a new HU. But now that I understand several things are affected including the HUD I am passing on that for now. Where to mount the GPS?

Also despite my preconceived notions I am liking XM. I know the sound quality is not the best but I like the variety. I may renew. Not so sure about the $400 lifetime. Too many bucks all at once.
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