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Originally Posted by ULTRAZLS1 View Post
I doubt you had the same firehawk as the one I showed in the link...unless you paid over 40k for it in the early 90's. If you had that car you would of known it. It was 350 hp and 390 tq at 34xx lbs. Thats no 14 second car my friend. Thats a 12 second car with traction.

They switched to a speed density system in 1990 and got more power. 245hp and 345 tq was the rating from then on.

You are not showing the stats from a 1990-1992 car and or they are incorrect. (as far as hp/tq....15.2 could happen...a 16 could happen...its driver/conditions)

Some more tests and specs
(245 hp/345tq...97.7 trap speed. decent 14.7)
(14.4 @ 97.8 mph) 245hp/345 tq

Enough proof of the 14.4 and ~98 mph trap speed like I said in the first place?

I guess that was the best run of all time for the car. First time in history it has happened. But that was the best run ever right their. They must have been at Perfect DA in 50 degree weather with the wind behind them and a factory ringer (and with Evan Smiths dad BTW)...they could never have gone any faster than 14.4.

Ive hijacked this thread enough...Im out.
FWIW I ran high 14's about a month and a half ago in total garbage weather. 93% humidity 83 F with an embarrassing reaction time of 1.1 1.3 secs My best times were a 14.71 94mph and 14.96 93.6mph My 14.7 corrected to a 14.006 and 99.97mph. My car was running on 87 octane and was bone stock. With a good driver and hero conditions I don't think a low 14 or high 13 hero time is out of the question.
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