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Originally Posted by Darth Martel View Post
The connectors I received are not exact matches to the ones needed for a passthru harness. I modded what I got so they will fit and work but, they are far from ideal. Unfortunately, they didn't send me any sockets (pins) for the connectors so, I'm at a standstill until I get those. Sometimes I have something that will work but, that isn't the case for these. I still have the option of the actual homelink connector with two wires and the crimp splices but, it's hard telling when I'll have pins for the plug n play option. Sorry guys... just how it goes when you're not a big corporation trying to get something built. When you're just some shmoe working in your basement they don't really feel a big urge to help you out.
Darth, we all appreciate what you are doing!!! Please don't feel stressed about any of this, as you are doing us a favor, not an obligation!! Still...

Thanks again!!!
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