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Originally Posted by Caspers2SSRS View Post
Is something really missing, if everything stays virtually the same.

In analogy...........there's really no need to fix something that isn't broke, nor improve upon success, especially in an spontaniously wavering economy. The think tanks in Detroit seem to be cashing in on the nature of human nature and wanten desires. Consumers aka automaniac's are complusive when choices are given. We've all seen the pages of spangles and sparklers of magazines and brochures offering us the opportunity to individualize our automobiles........and hence.

Its seems to me to be a well thought out business plan on the part of needs to consider GM's interest in moving those stockroom shelves full of highly prized aftermarket performance parts, theres plenty now built and available specifically for the Gen5's, many will be added now that the car is a two year model hit. Employee's desperately needing their jobs there and well on the contract manufacturing end of the whole of the automotive industry will be taking and filling phone and on-line orders and thus the new GM........will survive, ringing in $. It seems that Muscle car owners of past generations appreciated building up their rides.

On the other economic side of things its easier to get more folks in cars ( Find them Financing) if the sticker prices are not forced beyond reasonable levels adding factory supplied frillings. Those can be purchased by cash or card afterwards and not be included in the dealers base costs and thus the initial credit limit requirements be met by consumers...............

The 2012 model's will hit dealer inventories, in the near same form and fashion as the 2010's and 11's and the cycle of survival will continue............we must all pray. I personally believe the new GM surviving on a permanent stable level in the market place is the only upgrading needed. Just my .02
Hey to all their own oppinion i was just giving mine =P
The Camaro was a home run right out of the gate in 2010 and people may argue it but i personally think the Camaro single handedly saved GM, the hype for that car got people interested in GM again even if not everyone went and bought a Camaro, it got people back into the dealerships and thats what matters, whether they left with a Camaro or a Malibu it was still the Camaro that brought the business in haha
But it was amazing the first year it came out, its still amazing yes, but you cant just let it run its course ya know? Ford has shown they're gonna be on the ball every year, the 5.0's return in the GT, now the Boss 302, i just feel like GM needs to have this enthusiasm about it as well, sure the Z28 is coming but thats been in the works for years, its not a year-by-year basis like Ford.
I mean i understand the theory "if its not broke dont fix it" but honestly what Camaro ever was or will be "broke"? haha =P its not that its broke its just that id like to see a fire-back now. The 2010 was its own thing entirely and now i want to see something new and exciting to get into with the 2011. All GM would need is a "track pack" option, more aggressive gearing, stiffer suspension, etc.

PS: And as far as the frills go i agree with you, ive always been annoyed with the new "muscle/luxury" trend, muscle cars are stripped down performance, not comfort items, if you want luxury go buy a Cadillac, if you want luxury and performance go buy a CTS-V or a Euro car cause if thats what you're looking for muscle is not for you
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