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Originally Posted by Z Madness View Post
Good questions and that's why I joined this forum, for the information sharing so thanks for sharing. After discussions with Trifecta and STS, it was determined that it is not a fuel issue. My first thought was the same thing, not enough fuel to keep up with the boost. However, it was discovered by Trifecta that the ECM is not providing the right data based on the airflow read by the MAF so the computer moves into a "safe/limp" mode until the readings come back into range. Both STS and Trifecta believe that the current fuel injectors are capable to flow enough for the boost that I want to run. I was just sent a new tune so I'll be trying it out tonight. Keep your fingers crossed.

As far as 2 tunes, I should only need to run 1 tune. I know that N20 (e.g. Rod1) needed two separate tunes, however since the turbo is really just increasing the airflow, a single tune should be sufficient. At least that's what is expected right now.

I know its been said but Trifecta has been terrific to work with. The data logger has allowed the "mail order tune" process to work really well (actually e-mail). I currently have a Diablo Predator for my LS1 but will be purchasing a tune from Trifecta as I am sure he can tune the ECM much better than I can with the handheld Predator.
What's the diameter on your MAF housing?
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