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Bringing mullets back
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Drove it around town today a few miles. You remember that goofy grin you got when you first got in your new Camaro and realized you were there? That grin that comes unbidden... Well, it is happening even more now!

Cruising along a 4 lane highway on the way home, a guy in an older Z28 punched into his when he heard me go by! I still think mine sounded better! When I was getting it installed a SS was having the exact same exhaust put on. The guys at the shop and I agreed it did not do much for the SS, but on teh 2LT... Man it was really impressive with the difference.

As far as MPG, well, I will never get good gas mileage, I love punching into this car so much that I rarely get good gas mileage. Now that it sounds even more bad ass... well, I give up!
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