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Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum, so I thought this would be the perfect spot!

I purchased my IBM 2010 Camaro V6, 1LT/RS, black interior, dark tinted windows, on June 30th. My dream car! She is beautiful!! I love every minute of driving her. My husband has only driven her once! So far she's remained stock, but I have every intention of changing the exhaust system (needs a louder purr), adding the burnout tail lights, either blue or high white halo's and changing the interior trim to silver. Not sure what Oregon's laws are about colored lights for the halo's though (I got pulled over for having a lighted license plate frame a few years ago).

Everywhere I go I have people staring, pointing, or commenting on her. If my window is down people shout compliments. "Beautiful car!" "Nice!" "You have a beautiful car, lady!" It's almost weird sometimes!! The teen boys are the loudest and the most amazed.

I have a lot of questions so I'll see ya'll in the other threads.

Here's my girl!

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