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Originally Posted by kbui View Post
It's CA's gas.....I am surprise it's not $10/gal like the greenies would like to have it raised to (-: After 20 years of putting up with the crazies out there, I had enough.

Nice catch with the cars. Looks like these test mules were based on the pace cars? The rear tires didn't seem wide enough?
Originally Posted by arod55 View Post
Yes gas is expensive in Coronado, there only two gas station there. I drive five miles south in Imperial Beach and get gas for 2.89. I also missed the two Z-28'S.
while the gas is more expensive than im used to in ND (2.79 and hasnt budged in about 5 months) I guess I should have put up a sarcastic smiley. Thanks for the responses though
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