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Originally Posted by Z Madness View Post
C'mon, not all FI manufacturers post 1/4 mile times for their products. STS didn't post the times nor make any claims that their system would run a certain time in the quarter. AACS posted their Vid's and the car clearly wasn't ready nor was AACS ready to run the car. I don't remember seeing any proof from NEX that their kit ran ____ in the 1/4 mile. In fact, I don't think I saw any 1/4 times from manufactures like Vortex, Maggie, etc. Most will only post HP increases as that is what they can provide as fact. As USA1Camaro pointed out, a lot of factors affect 1/4 times. I just don't get your argument of the kit doesn't work. I'm glad others, like RDditten and Hurst are putting on these kits. They are great and makes the V-6 Camaro so much more fun.
rdditten (rich) is just down the street from me.. (ok, couple of little towns over) and I know he plans on doing before and after track runs at our local track... can't wait...
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