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Originally Posted by Maurdib View Post
HUH, didn't ROD register a 12.6 on a 100 shot of NOS?
Actually, I think it was a 12.4_. The thing I was trying to state is power output and putting the power to the pavement are 2 different things. If whoever puts this thing on their car leaves on stock tires and doesn't attempt to do anything to help the car plant they aren't going to do as well as they could. There are SS drivers that are having issues and running 14's. It's not the car's fault. The car is still putting out the power.

The AAC car had more issues than STS or AAC were willing to admit. I'm just glad a few have stepped up and gotten the kit regardless. I still want to know why they are having trouble stabilizing the boost. It's not like this is their first rodeo. It would've been nice to have STS put one on and prove their product rather than having customers do their R&D for them(or so it seems).

Z- I hope you get the meth-kit worked out. I'd like to see increased boost.
I've gone the cheap way. My NX kit is due at my door the 13th. Wish me luck.
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